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People who sing when they jog- IN PUBLIC

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The Singing Jogger : “SAVE IT FOR IDOL & JUST RUN B*TCH”  


At the best of times I will be slouched on my couch at home watching something devilishly trashy like “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, however when I do drag myself off the sofa to go for a run, it never ceases to amuse me, when someone is jogging with an iPod in their ears and they’re  singing at the top of their lungs as they run past other walkers and joggers on the foot path.


The Scab

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The person who always asks for a bite, a sip, a lick or a borrow. 

Who doesn’t hate the person that asks you whenever you’re eating a hamburger, a messy bowl of pasta, or even slurping into a goo-ey plate of nachos, if they can have some. ‘The scab’ is probably someone who would have to most definitely be – annoying as hell! 

The Office Pen Fiend!

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People Who Ask To Borrow Your Pen And Never Give It Back !

The office pen fiend is probably the most annoying person that i work with, oka perhaps they’re not the most annoying person that i work with, but they’re up there along with the broadcaster, (the person who speaks really really loud on the telephone) and the Suck- Ass (the person who tells your a.hole manager everyday that they look great but then start bagging them out in the lunch room with the other workers. )

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