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Vain People

In Vanity: Why people who are vein are annoying as hell! on November 11, 2011 at 12:00 am

Why People Who are Vain Are Annoying As Hell!  

There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who takes pride in how she looks, but when does vanity turn ugly! When does it start to take over and turn into something that’s really quite unbearable for others.

We have all known someone either personally or through an acquaintance who just has it all, the beautiful house, the perfect husband, great body and good skin. When those people flaunt their “naa-naa-na-na-naaa look at what i have and what you don’t”  in your face, the guns come out.

We love to hate people who have what we want, our voyeuristic tendencies kick in and we become obsessed with what the movie “La Dolce Vita” coined – the haves & have not’s.

We measure ourselves up to those who we deem to have what we don’t. We become competitive and choose to align ourselves with people who share either the same values as we do, or the values that we want.

Women are supposedly drawn to “beautiful” people. That is why celebrity culture is so vastly popular amongst females. I mean hey, they would not have created a whole tabloid magazine industry if it were not the case.

So in this age of broadcast, with so much around us making us feel more and more connected to the have-nots of society, when does vanity become unacceptable?  Stories in magazines that open their reader up to the homes of celebrities and television shows about rich socialites such as the Bravo network’s “Real Housewives” are so popular that you’d have to wonder whether vanity is bad at all?

And the answer is simple, vanity becomes bad or worse when the person who is Vain is lying. We all love love a Diva, but we all hate a fake.

Sociologists say that adolescents in high school, make superficial physical judgments when it comes to deciding who is and who is not- popular. So what makes someone popular? Research suggests that a teenage girl is more accepted if she is considered pretty by her peers, while a teenage boy is sized up by his physical strength. This they say is inherent in us subconsciously and is part of our genetic animalistic traits.

As we get older however, looks and physical strengths become an added benefit to your traits and characteristics. Other social statuses begin to take reign by the time you reach your 20s.  The type of job you do, how much money you have and where you live become the new reigning discriminators in a world of ever-marketed inadequacies.

I have recently had to start screening my calls from a girl that I know who has what I would describe as being for the purpose of this blog become- Annoying as hell! Her vanity has become so unbearable that I have reached the point where I can no longer handle her lies and stories about how many men fall madly in love with her. I am sick of hearing about how random men stop her in the street to say that she is thee most beautiful woman they have ever seen.  Men who are young and old, short, fat or tall that fall madly in love with her at first sight, drop their coffee cups that their sipping from as she walks by a café and how she has the ability to almost causes a double head-on collision when she’s crossing the road because her beauty is so distracting to male drivers.

It’s all become too much for me, too agitating and too tiring! The lies and the far-fetched stories have taken over to the point where she is just intolerable.

People who are vain can become incredibly exhausting.

There’s a saying that goes “you need to love yourself, before anyone else can love you”  well I’m not too sure this is entirely true. In the case of the girl I know, she has been single for more than 5 years and she doesn’t have a lot of friends. It would seem that people who are extremely vain, are also extremely alone.

There’s a saying that goes : “classy people, don’t say that they’re classy”. I was born in Italy, but later moved to Australia where I was raised. My father was a hard working restaurateur, I can remember him always saying that people in Italy who have money, don’t wear all their gold. He’d say that when you’re rich you don’t tell people you have money, you always pretend that you’re poor and ask for a discount.

The same applies for beauty. When you’re beautiful and have lots of money and have men ask you out on dates all the time you shouldn’t need to tell people about it, it should be apparent.

In a recent book titled the ‘Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the age of entitlement’ Author’s Jean M. Twenge and W. Keith Campbell, describe how in America today we’re seeing an increase rise in narcissism. More people today are completely self-obsessed than ever before and social media seems to be the stage front for these vanity whores.

I’ve compiled a list of incredibly annoying things people who are vain do and say

  1. THEIR FACEBOOK PHOTO IS AN ANGLE PHOTO : This is when you stretch your arm out towards the ceiling, holding your camera or phone to take a photo of yourself on an angle.
  2. ALWAYS CHECKING THEMSELVES OUT : They often keep a mirror at their office desk / in their bag and are always checking themselves out whenever they walk past their reflection
  3. SEXUAL FACIAL EXPRESSIONS : Make creepy sexual facial expressions at random strangers and in photos.
  4. LYING AND STORY TELLING : Constantly telling stories about how the men at the post-office, the men at the supermarket, the men who collect the shopping trollies in the carpark, the men from the fruit market and the security guards who stand out the front the office building, all stop them every day to say how they are the most beautiful girl in the whole building
  5. THINKING THAT THEY’RE BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE : How their manager or boss tells them that their work is better than anyone else’s in the team.

Is This Annoying For You Too ?

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